Human Capital Management

Position your Organisation to Thrive Globally

It’s an exciting time for business. Technology has opened up borders, and companies are expanding everywhere. Multinationals already account for 25% of the world’s GDP1 . But central to a company’s success – or failure – is its ability to meet new HR challenges. Is your organisation equipped to sustain a growing global footprint?

Removing the roadblocks to global growth

The average multinational accumulates an average of 33 HR and payroll systems as it expands2 . That’s a big burden on your company’s Total Cost of Owership (TCO) – not to mention its productivity. And did you know that non-compliance costs global companies an average of $9M each year3 ?
Global Human Capital Management (HCM) can help. It’s a holistic approach the helps companies move easily across borders, combining the most advanced cloud technology with experts on the ground everywhere in the world.
Global HCM puts your HR and Payroll in the hands of a single trusted vendor that has the tools, processes and expertise to help your company:
  • Standardise and integrate payroll and HR systems
  • Streamline processes and improve productivity
  • Gain wide visibility and control of global HR
  • Reduce TCO and minimise compliance risk
  • Modernise talent management and engage employees
Successful companies manage global expansion in a stable, sustainable and cost efficient way. Browse and download our selection of whitepapers below to answer key questions about how Global HCM can help your business thrive.

Think Bold, Think HCM

HR and Payroll Harmonisation: fundamental strength to business agility

International expansion is an exciting time for multinational businesses, but the HR challenges that arise with it can become central to the organisation’s success or failure. Why is HR and Payroll harmonisation so important for global businesses?

Can HR Drive Agile, Efficient and Reliable Business Transformation?

With the continued shift toward globalisation, Human Capital Management is coming into sharp focus as a potential driver for corporate success in the global business environment. Is your HCM strategy truly ready for global growth?

How can Technology Help You Surf the Global Talent Revolution?

Navigating the new global talent landscape means meeting the demands of an entirely new demographic. What kind of technology, processes and people do you need, to be a contender in the new tech-savvy and highly demanding global talent market?

Human Capital Management - White paper

How can HR drive performance and improve employee engagement globally?

Digital communication and social media have created a surge in knowledge networks which have made global collaborative business practices possible. How can companies leverage global talent markets while keeping their HR strategies at the local level and improve Human Capital Management?

Human Capital Management - Point of view

How can HR demonstrate the strategic value they provide to the company?

HR plays a key role in enabling a multinational organisation to meet its strategic goals. It helps the wider business understand what is its employees value, and what makes them productive and engaged. How can HR demonstrate its value as a strategic business partner?