How to empower the workforce and support their changing needs

Employees are demanding much more from employers today than ever before. How can HR redefine the way they attract, engage and manage people to keep up with the rising tide of expectations and improve Human Capital Management (HCM)?

Adopting a new, technology-enabled approach

With 55 million worldwide working outside of their home country, flexible working practices, social networking and mobile technology are changing the world of work for everyone. This is leading many business and HR commentators to warn of a changing landscape that organisations must adapt to, with implemention of new Human Capital Management solutions being of significant importance.
HR must understand new ways of working and incorporate them into their Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions if they want to empower the workforce and survive in this highly competitive world, by:
  • Integrating social media capabilities into talent acquisition
  • Utilising the potential of Data and Analytics to understand their impact on the Human Capital Management process
  • Taking advantage of the mobile revolution and providing access to enterprise applications on employee smart phones
  • Creating online communities for candidates and establish network recruiting
Many businesses just like yours are changing how they attract, retain and manage their talent with technology led Human Capital Management solutions.
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